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Designed for fast, efficient heating of thermoplastic material & application (stainless steel tank 100kg. Capa.) Provides direct heating of thermoplastic material in applicator machine & provides easy means for swapping out application on the spot. Unique self wheel lock on rear wheel allows perfect straight line. Mercury Temperature gauge for Paint Screed box hook mechanism allows clean cut & sharp smooth strips, provided thickness adjustment provision on spot innovation makes for easier use & less parts to maintain. ( Auto Glass Bead Dispenser )

Positive dispensing of Glass Bead Spraying Mechanism automatically activates with the turn of machine with Glass bead flow adjustment providing theoperator less hassle. Heating: LPG supply to burner for tank, screed box 2 burners & hand torch. Safety traffic revolving light with rechargeable battery. The machine finish (Stainless Steel) provides longevity with less maintenance. Thus applies a complete line of thermoplastic materials, with minimum labour and fewer efforts.

Technical Details

  • Thermoplastic Tank Capacity : 100 kg. Capa Removable / Interchangeable Stainless Steel Tank & Body

  • Glass Bead Container : 10 Kg Capa. Rotor Type positive dispensing of Bead Spraying Mechanism

  • Size L X W X H : 1200 mm x 600 mm x 900 mm

  • Weight : 115 Kg.

  • Wheels Front / Rear : 3 Rubber Wheels 2x Dia 250/1 x Dia 150

  • Heating System : LPG Supply to burners

  • Screed Box : For Marking

  • Battery : 12 W Battery with Interchangeable System, Safety Traffic Lamp

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