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Pre Heater :- Model: K250

Equipment is fitted with Air cooled Diesel Engine to provide continuous stirring, which provides homogeneous thermoplastic molten. The system is heated by LPG, through heavy duty, high pressure Flow burners which are of high standard available in heating industry. Oil Jacketed Thermoplastic Preheaters, having a capacity of 225 Kgs. As every Single Unit are manufactured to a very high standard, to withstand continuous workload demanded by Road Marking Contractors. It can be operated continuously for 8-10 hours. This will act as feeder vehicle to a hand propelled or automatic applicator to produce 300-400 sq. Mtrs. Of markings per day. All pipe works valves and regulators are high standard easily accessible. Hand torch fitted for trouble free operation. Equipment is skid mounted, can be transported in a mini truck.

Technical Details

  • Dimension : L 1200 x W 950 x H 1550 mm

  • Weight :Dry Weight 600 Kgs.

  • Power Transmission : Reduction Gear

  • Engine : Air Cooled Diesel Engine

  • Burner : Flower High Pressure Radial Burners

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