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Manual Road Marking Machine :- Model : KI-100 (MO)

Designed for fast, efficient heating of thermoplastic material & application (stainless steel tank 100kg. Capacity.) Provides indirect heating of thermoplastic material in applicator machine & provides easy means for swapping out application on the spot. Unique self wheel lock on rear wheel allows perfect straight line. Chassis constructed out of angle iron , Bimetal Temperature gauge for Paint. Machine is attached with 10cm; 15cm; Screed box, pull hook mechanism allows clean cut & sharp smooth strips, standard thickness adjustment provision on spot innovation makes for easier use & less parts to maintain. Positive dispensing of Glass Bead Spraying Mechanism automatically activates with the movement of machine. Heating: LPG supply to burner for tank, screed box burners & hand torch. The machine finish provides longevity with less maintenance. Thus applies a complete line of thermoplastic materials, with minimum labour and fewer efforts. Optional other screed boxes: 20cm,30cm,50cm.

Technical Details

  • Thermoplastic Tank Capacity : 100 kg. Capacity Removable / Interchangeable Stainless Steel Tank.

  • Glass Bead Container : 20 Kg. Capacity. Rotor Type positive dispensing of Glass Beads Spraying Mechanism

  • Size L X W X H : 1200 mm x 600 mm x 900 mm

  • Weight : 150 Kgs

  • Wheels Front / Rear : 3 Rubber Wheels 2 x Dia 250x50 / 1 x Dia 150x50

  • Heating System : LPG Supply to burners,torch

  • Screed Box : For Marking

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